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Spartan Support Rings - Set of 3

Spartan Support Rings - Set of 3

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Interested in trying the Spartan Support Rings but not sure which size is right for you.  Here is a Set of all Three Sizes of the Spartan Support Rings; Small, Medium and Large.

These rings have it all; tension, durability, and comfort.  Building on a quarter century of advancements in ring design, Spartan has upped the ante with this offering.  A close look at the ring itself reveals the beefed up center ring. The squared off design added material to the area where the looped handles intersect with the center ring.  This increased the tension and durability of the ring, and will bring you a more reliable, solid erection.  The diameter of the looped handles was made larger than other rings available on the market to help you easily manage application and removal of the ring.  Spartan support rings are 1/3” of an inch thick which enlarges the surface area of the ring and in turn delivers a firm, reliable, and comfortable erection to you. 

  • Set Of Three Rings: Sizes A, B, and C
  • Each ring lasts for 30-40 uses
  • Dimensions: 2.5" x .45" x 1.25"
  • Weight: .6 oz per Ring
  • Inside diameter by size:
  • Once the correct size is determined, a ring should last 3-4 months.
  • Easy Pull-Tabs for removal
  • Ensure to use water-based lubricant only!

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