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PREBOOST Pre-Moistened Wipes | Make Sex Last Longer

PREBOOST Pre-Moistened Wipes | Make Sex Last Longer

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Here's how to keep an erection and make sex last longer: PREBOOST pre-moistened wipes. They're a convenient, easy way to prolong your erection. Just apply wipe to penis, and you'll be ready for longer-lasting sex.

  • Prolongs sex without reducing pleasure or orgasm
  • Same amount every time, no guessing like with sprays or creams
  • Starts working within minutes
  • Dries quickly — no risk of numbing your partner's vaginal area
  • Single-use packet for wallet or pocket
  • No mess
  • Active ingredient Benzocaine provides just the right amount of desensitizing — up to an hour, and just in the target zone. (Lidocaine can last 4 hours and spreads to areas outside the 'target zone'.)
  • FDA Approved
  • Safe to wear with condoms


PREBOOST pre-moistened wipes were developed by a men’s health physician, Dr. Harry Fisch, M.D., F.A.C.S. Here's what he has to say:

"I’ve counseled hundreds of couples that deal with issues of sexual dysfunction. Premature ejaculation, or PE, the inability of a man to last long enough to climax with his partner, is by far the #1 male sexual problem, affecting 1 out of 3 men. PE is difficult to discuss because it often leaves the man embarrassed and his partner frustrated. I knew there were several products on the market that claimed to help delay ejaculation but they were either too numbing, cumbersome to use, or interfered with an erection. That’s why I created PREBOOST. PREBOOST’s unique delivery system comes in the form of a premeasured wipe moistened with just the right amount of benzocaine (4%). As a wipe, it can be applied and targeted to the areas of the penis that are most sensitive. PREBOOST never interferes with pleasure or orgasm."



Contains 10 single-use PREBOOST wipes


The active ingredient in PREBOOST wipes is the desensitizing compound benzocaine at a 4% solution. Benzocaine was first marketed in Germany in 1902 as an anesthetic for use on the skin in 1902. It has been used by doctors ever since as a safe, fast acting topical anesthetic with a wide range of uses in medicine. It is, for example, often used to quickly desensitize the skin before a minor procedure or injection.


Gently wipe the head and shaft of the penis before sexual activity. Wash area after sexual activity.


Each wipe comes in a packet about the size of a condom, convenient for pocket or wallet. 

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