Vacuum Therapy Will It Work for Me

Erectile Dysfunction (ED) is probably more common than you would think. The Massachusetts Male Aging Study states that over 50% of men ages 40-70 reported suffering from some degree of ED. There are estimates that between 20-30 million men in America are effected by ED. These are startling numbers to think about.

The good news is that Vacuum Therapy has been proven to help erectile function in over 90% of men who have tried it. Many of our current clients have tried Viagra™, Cialis™ and other pills and weren't able to get the results they wanted. Vacuum Therapy can help you to achieve a firm erection every time without painful or annoying side effects.

See How Easy Vacuum Therapy is to Use

  • Independent medical studies, from The Journal of Urology, have shown that 82%-89% of couples that have used Vacuum Therapy over a long term period report being very satisfied with the results. The same study also reports that 90% of men were satisfied with the quality of erection they were able to achieve with Vacuum Therapy.
  • Vacuum Therapy can be used in conjunction with most medications that are prescribed for heart conditions and contain nitrates.
  • Vacuum Therapy has a better success rate in the treatment of ED than Viagra™.
  • Vacuum Therapy can safely be used in conjunction with prescribed medications such as Viagra™ or Cialis™.
  • Vacuum Therapy is the least expensive option for the treatment of ED
  • Vacuum Therapy is an effective treatment whether the cause of ED is physical or psychological.