Vacuum Therapy Overview

Vacuum Therapy is a safe and 100% drug free way to deal with erectile dysfunction (ED.) The Vacuum Therapy System works with the basic laws of Physics and your body's anatomy. Creating a vacuum around the penis naturally draws blood into the area, creating an erection. A soft elastic support ring is then placed around the base of the penis to help hold the blood in the area.

Vacuum Therapy is the only treatment for ED that helps men to improve their ability to have a natural erection. This is because using Vacuum Therapy is like a work-out for your penile muscles, which can help them to regain some of their natural function. The use of a Vacuum Therapy System improves with time and practice. Once the system is understood by a user it can be operated quickly and offers reliable results every time.

Rejoyn's Vacuum Therapy Systems include the following;

  • penile tube
  • pump head with a safety release valve
  • ring loading cone
  • adapter bushing
  • lubricant
  • support ring.

To begin use of the system, the loading cone is attached to the penile tube . A support ring is then stretched over the lubricated cone and pulled down around the penile tube. Once the support ring is stretched around the tube the loading cone is removed and a soft plastic adapter bushing is placed in the opening of the penile tube. The bushing will help the tube fit closer and more comfortably against the pelvic area. The pump head is now attached to the other end of the penile tube where it twists and locks into place.

The flaccid penis should now be placed into the tube and the system should be firmly placed against the body. The pump head should now be activated and the vacuum will help to create an erection. Once the desired erection is achieved, the support ring should then be slipped off the tube, and placed around the base of the penis. This ring will help maintain a rigid erection as it keeps the blood in the area from draining. Once the ring transfer is complete, the user is ready for intercourse.

After use of the system the support ring, adapter bushing and penile tube should be washed with warm water and allowed to dry for the next use.

Vacuum Therapy is a natural and convenient way to deal with ED. The system is used in the moments just before intimacy so spontaneity is still an option. The ease of use and consistent results make Vacuum Therapy a popular choice for men who refused to suffer from ED.