Frequently Asked Questions

Does Vacuum Therapy really work?
* YES! Vacuum Therapy will work, regardless of the cause of ED. The system works with very simple principals of physics and the vacuum will transfer blood from your body to the penis. Thus helping to form and maintain an erection that is suitable for intercourse. Medical studies have shown that Vacuum Therapy is over 90% effective, regardless if the cause of ED psychological or physical.

Are there psychological problems that can cause ED?
* Yes ED can be rooted in Psychological causes, but physical causes are usually the underlying problem. Possible psychological causes of ED are; Anxiety, depression, tension, guilt, stress, and fear of failure to perform sexually.

How do I know if I have Erectile Dysfunction (ED)?
* If you are unable to attain or maintain an erection suitable for intercourse, you probably have some form of ED.

How does Vacuum Therapy work?
* Our Vacuum Therapy Systems have three major components; a pump head, an acrylic cylinder, and a support ring. The penis is placed into the acrylic cylinder, the cylinder is placed snug against the pelvis and the pump is activated. Once the pump has created a vacuum that draws blood into the penis, an erection will form. The support ring is then placed at the base of the penis to help hold the erection. The support ring should not be left on for more than 30 minutes at a time.

Will using a Vacuum Therapy System make my penis larger?
* It can, this is not something that we promise but we do know from client feedback that the use of our systems can result in greater penile length and circumference. Vacuum Therapy is now being prescribed by doctors to help patients of radical Prostatectomy regain penile length after surgery. Results with Vacuum Therapy will depend upon the individual and frequency of use.

Do I need a prescription for a Vacuum Therapy System?
* No! After passing strict FDA safety standards, Rejoyn's Vacuum Therapy Systems are now available without a prescription or doctor visit.

If I have tried Viagra or injection therapy and they didn't work, will Vacuum Therapy work for me?
* Yes, Vacuum Therapy can work for you. Several medical studies have shown that Vacuum Therapy is successful for over 90% of men with ED and will produce an erection sufficient for intercourse.

Is Vacuum Therapy painful?
* When used correctly, Vacuum Therapy should produce no pain. Our Vacuum Therapy systems are FDA approved medical grade systems that are designed with the users comfort and safety in mind.

Will Vacuum Therapy work for me if I am a Diabetic?
* ED is very common among males that are diabetic, up to 66% of men with diabetes will show some form of ED. Vacuum Therapy is safe to use for diabetics and is an excellent treatment option since ED medications such as Viagra™ or Levitra™ are proven to be less effective for men with diabetes.

Can I use Vacuum Therapy with other ED treatments?
* Yes, some doctors will recommend use of Vacuum Therapy in conjunction with Viagra or other ED medications. If you have been taking ED medications without achieving the erection you desire, Vacuum Therapy can help.

Do Rejoyn's Vacuum Therapy systems come with a guarantee?
* Rejoyn Medical believes in the effectiveness of our Vacuum Therapy Systems. Our belief is so strong that we offer all of our clients a 30 day money back guarantee, if they are not satisfied with their results.